With ePaddle, the HYVE design team demonstrates their strength along the entire development process – from the idea through to the research, concept, engineering, prototype construction and up to the patented product.
The idea for a drive unit for longboards originated in summer 2013. Inspired by Stand Up Paddling, the HYVE designers conceived a device for the electric propulsion of sports devices for long boarders, surfers and inline skaters regardless of being a beginner or complete professional.
The ePaddle delivers an impressive high force of acceleration. It is very easy to handle and if you can skate, it takes you 10 seconds to develop enough skills to have fun. Speed up to 25 mph are possible. We are working on a brake system right now. The throttle is provided by a simple push button just like the Carrera toy race cars.

You can use the ePaddle one handed, which gives you maximum freedom for carving – as soon as you are on minimum speed (~5 mph) you can start the one hand mode. We still explore the limits and possibilities of the product.

Going uphill (we check for degree measurement skill) is easy and absolutely feasible. The major killer feature is to have “downhill-like” riding fun on flat grounds. The downhill speed mark of about 100 mph will not be cracked this year … we keep on working!

(Right now we are developing a serial solution for enthusiasts in Netherlands and other flat places)


HYVE meets Titus!
He is the skateboard guru – Titus Dittmann. He made skateboarding popular in Germany.
A few days ago we had the pleasure to welcome him at HYVE. What an honor!

When he visited us last week, everything was about skateboarding, too. The HYVE innovations – ePaddle and Gridboard – […]

e2o paddle

The equivalent product to the ePaddle is the e2oPaddle. Besides increasing fun of surfing and stand up paddling it changes the whole in water experience.


The Gridboard is no ordinary longboard. We have designed a longboard that, due to its carbon body, is lighter than the boards made of wood. At the same time, the lattice structure lends to the elasticity and stability of the form. The grace is still light and airy. We have derived such qualities from bionics, the examples of insect wing structures and bone structures as well as leaf skeletons.
Moreover, the construction of the longboards offers the possibility for individualization. Every skater can produce their own personal board with their own unique pattern with which they can perfectly slide, carve and cruise.


Coming soon!